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1695 Sq. ft






The renovation of this residence revolved around elevating the facade aesthetics to embody a tropical modern style. In addition to this, the interior layout interventions transformed the existing 1300 Sq. Ft, 2-bedroom residence into a more spacious 1695 Sq. Ft, 4-bedroom residence.

The key floor layout changes included the addition of a bedroom with an attached toilet space and conversion of the first-floor hall into an attached bedroom. The common spaces in the residence were given character and defined by providing dedicated formal and informal living spaces. The existing kitchen underwent a redesign into a modern modular kitchen. The sloping roof and sunshade designs were done harmonious to the existing sloped roof on the first floor. A family gathering space was created on the terrace since the site provided no extra space to include recreation space.

The overall colour palette was curated in an earthy tones, emphasising natural material colours such as terracotta, stone greys and wooden browns, thereby fostering a harmonious connection with the surrounding environment.