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The Tranquil House


2224 Sq. ft






As the name, Tranquil house flaunts a serene ambience through carefully knit courtyard spaces that blur the boundaries. These carefully designed courtyards serve as serene retreats within the home, inviting natural light and greenery to permeate the living spaces.

The 2224 Sq. Ft home in 12 cent plot is a sanctuary with its 2BHK layout in the ground floor. The courtyards distributed between the living, dining and kitchen spaces lets in ample natural light as well as ventilation. With its double height common areas and 2-bedroom layout, the first floor feels open and spacious. The bay windows in bedroom add to the alluring interiors adding to the perfect harmony between intimacy, visual axis and transitional character. Evolving in response to the context, spaces are organised to harness the best it has to offer.

With its natural colour tones and textures blended with wooden details, the residence is a sight to behold. The exterior is adorned with stone-clad walls, giving the structure a sturdy and timeless appearance. Wooden accents adorn the facade, adding a touch of warmth and character to the design.