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UAE Govt. Office

The UAE office interior was designed to be simple and balance between modern minimalism and natural warmth. The clean lines in the room helps in avoiding clutter and promotes a sense of calm and productivity. The colour palette, a combination of beige, light brown and whiskey browns, natural greys, helps in imparting an openness to […]


The interior design project for the Bangalore penthouse focused on creating a space with modern aesthetic and clean lines. A neutral colour palette was adopted, exuding a timeless yet contemporary feel. The soft colours impart a sense of spaciousness and brightness. Crisp, clean white walls serve as a canvas to reflect and amplify natural light […]


The interior of the flat was designed in a soft aesthetics. The colour palette in the living area is kept simple with muted ivory, green and browns. A pastel touch to the colours imparts the soft look. Statement walls are included in the room to elevate the room aesthetics. Wallpapers with muted prints and wooden […]


The Asset Interior were designed to be a sleek modern space with a simplistic touch that enhanced the spatial quality. An ivory colour is used as the base for the space so that it adds to the openness of the space. Furnitures with wooden elements were added to the space to give it depth as […]