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Clergy House







This renovation of the existing Clergy house of St. Annes Church involved a comprehensive transformation aimed at enhancing its functionality and aesthetics. The project encompassed additions of essential features like dedicated entry lobby and car porch as well as creation of recreational spaces like yards and terrace while optimizing area through demolition of redundant areas.

The renovated clergy house now has a seamless flow of spaces starting from the spacious waiting lobby accessible from the porch. This area serves as a gateway to various sections like the priest’s office, committee offices and office space through a wide verandah. The large rooms on the first floor are redesigned to cater to specific functions as office and resting space for the deacon and the priest along with a dining area.

The façade of the clergy house was designed in coherence with St. Annes Church ensuring harmony and visual connectivity. The outdoor space surrounding the clergy house has also received attention, with planned landscape design with a small water body, paved walkways, and lush grass lawns, creating a serene and inviting environment that complements the spiritual ambiance of the church grounds