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3220 Sq. ft






Nestled at the end of a driveway and manicured lawn is “Grandeur”, reflecting its elegance and opulence in Paravattani, Kerala. The two-story residence commands attention from all who pass by due to its stately presence and impeccable design.

The 3220 Sq.Ft house in the 16 cent plot exudes luxury. Its exterior façade showcases colonial style with elements like symmetry, cornice works and decorated columns. The sit-outs provide ample space for lounging. The interior presents a modern look that has a 2 BHK layout with attached dressing areas, toilets and dual kitchens in the ground floor. The outdoor connects with the indoor with a patio that hosts a tree as the focal point visible from the living-dining, kitchen as well as bedrooms. The staircase serves as a multipurpose design element, offering seating spaces and facilitating vertical connection. The first-floor houses 2 bedrooms as well as the family lounge with a spacious balcony area.

The material palette mainly includes natural and muted tones of white, grey and brown, enhancing the sense of space, natural lighting and tranquillity. Wooden panels and strips are employed as accents throughout.