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Green Habitat


4284 Sq. ft






Named for its dedication to preserving greenery and maintaining biodiversity, the Green Habitat is a testament to sustainable living. Designed in harmony with the nature, the residence is a verdant sanctuary where the visual aspect of greenery takes centre stage.

Spanning across a generous 44.79 cent site area, the Green Habitat encompasses a sprawling 4284 sq. ft residence, with expansive 4BHK layout with attached toilets and dressing areas. The formal and family living areas as well as the dining areas are embellished with courtyards and greenery. Dedicated prayer area, study area, and other facilities add to the functionality of the residence.

Infused with a modern architectural style, the Green Habitat is elevated by the addition of four courtyards strategically integrated throughout the residence. These courtyards not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home but also promote natural ventilation, daylighting, and a seamless connection with the outdoors.