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Special School


7298 Sq. ft






SD Convent in Anchery, additional to being a convent, functioned as an elderly care facility also. The relocation of the elderly care facility gave rise to an opportunity to rethink the building for another social cause. Thus, the idea of renovating the building into a special school for autistic children was put forward.

The renovation of the Convent to a centre for special needs are planned in 2 phases. In the first phase the existing building is given a facelift and minor renovation to optimize its current layout is carried out.

In the second phase, the layout is modified to suit for a rehabilitation and therapy centre for autistic children. The centre effectively functions as a day school with a large number of assisting personnel. The design was developed keeping in mind the differently abled guidelines and psychological aspects that play crucial role in the effectiveness of the spaces. The centre boasts an impressive dedicated care facilities like counselling rooms, therapy rooms, specialised play area and amenities. The existing convent part will also undergo significant renovation to open up the rooms into well-lit and ventilated spaces with toilet facilities.