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Kuranchery Redesign





Urban Design


Kuranchery, an area affected by the Kerala floods of 2018 and the disastrous land slide following the same. The aim of the project was to propose a design a better and lively setting that could revive the atmosphere of Kuranchery disaster affected areas and provide a change for the people. The task included 3 projects, the redesign of accident-prone junctions, introducing a street market and Kuranchery bus hub design.

Through various studies and analysis, the major drawbacks of the previous design were found out. This in turn helped in emphasizing their functions/place through visual cues and identifications from the Old Kuranchery junction design. A continuous stretch full of active street life was designed to renew the importance of Old Kuranchery junction.

The design focuses on creating a sense of open space that allows maximum movement and flow. There are also various provisions for seating, making the space inviting to users especially pedestrians. This design also acts as a gathering space.