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The Tranquil House

As the name, Tranquil house flaunts a serene ambience through carefully knit courtyard spaces that blur the boundaries. These carefully designed courtyards serve as serene retreats within the home, inviting natural light and greenery to permeate the living spaces. The 2224 Sq. Ft home in 12 cent plot is a sanctuary with its 2BHK layout […]

Princy Anchery

This budget home of 2050 Sq. Ft in a 12 cent site focuses on practicality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The straight forward layout of the home is a testament to its efforts to maximize the space usage. Both the ground floor and the first floor boast a 2 BHK layout with attached dress areas and bathrooms […]


The 2000 sq. ft. residence in Ollukkara is a cozy abode with functional spaces and a serene atmosphere. Every room is designed with purpose, ensuring daily activities are performed with ease and efficiency, contributing to a stress-free lifestyle. The 3 BHK residence spans two levels. The ground floor hosts the common areas, including the living […]

Noor Residence 02

Named after the Arabic word for “light”, the Noor Residence in Chavakkad, Kerala, stands as a beacon of modern living, prioritizing natural light and cross ventilation. Situated on an 11-cent plot, this 3413 sq. ft home embodies luxury and functionality. The ground floor has a spacious 2BHK layout with attached toilets, dual kitchens, and a […]

Indiranagar Villa

The Indiranagar villa, with its 2851 Sq. Ft area, sits on a 7-cent plot epitomizing modern luxury living. The common areas of the residence are spread in the ground floor with a 3BHK layout, making use of the available site area skilfully. The first floor is designed with a bedroom, hall, corridors and balconies, lending […]

Green Habitat

Named for its dedication to preserving greenery and maintaining biodiversity, the Green Habitat is a testament to sustainable living. Designed in harmony with the nature, the residence is a verdant sanctuary where the visual aspect of greenery takes centre stage. Spanning across a generous 44.79 cent site area, the Green Habitat encompasses a sprawling 4284 […]


Nestled at the end of a driveway and manicured lawn is “Grandeur”, reflecting its elegance and opulence in Paravattani, Kerala. The two-story residence commands attention from all who pass by due to its stately presence and impeccable design. The 3220 Sq.Ft house in the 16 cent plot exudes luxury. Its exterior façade showcases colonial style […]