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UK Project

The renovation project aimed on elevating the spatial quality of the residence. Initially, the residence consisted of a 2-floor layout, with the ground floor housing the kitchen, dining area, and hall, while the first floor comprised four bedrooms. The renovation involved several key interventions to achieve the desired spatial improvement. Firstly, an extension was taken […]

Spiritual Retreat Centre

The Peechi Spiritual Retreat centre project is a renovation and extension project. Initial aim of the project was to change the built function to a mixed-use retreat centre to be done in 3 phases and develop into a campus with residential facilities. On a hill top in Peechi, surrounded by beautiful views all around, the […]

Special School

SD Convent in Anchery, additional to being a convent, functioned as an elderly care facility also. The relocation of the elderly care facility gave rise to an opportunity to rethink the building for another social cause. Thus, the idea of renovating the building into a special school for autistic children was put forward. The renovation […]


The existing canteen space was opened up by demolishing the adjacent rooms. The original structural beams were kept intact while the walls were demolished. A new reception area, dining area, wash area and kitchen space were designed in the space. The interior colour palette was kept minimum with whites and wooden browns. An accent wall […]


The renovation of this residence revolved around elevating the facade aesthetics to embody a tropical modern style. In addition to this, the interior layout interventions transformed the existing 1300 Sq. Ft, 2-bedroom residence into a more spacious 1695 Sq. Ft, 4-bedroom residence. The key floor layout changes included the addition of a bedroom with an […]


The renovation project for the ‘Idam’ residence involved redesigning without extensive demolition, making it cost-effective. The new 1788 Sq. Ft design focused on creating an energy-efficient plan utilizing cross ventilation and natural lighting. The overall footprint of the residence was kept rectangular or square to minimize costs, as such shapes are easier to construct. Originally […]

Hill Garden

The Hill Garden project represents a significant extension endeavour, that transformed a modest 1118 square foot single-floor residence into a spacious 3197 square foot two-story dwelling. Originally in a 2BHK layout, the residence was expanded, incorporating an additional bedroom, office space, and an expansive working kitchen. The extension resulted in reconfiguring the dining area, leading […]

Clergy House

This renovation of the existing Clergy house of St. Annes Church involved a comprehensive transformation aimed at enhancing its functionality and aesthetics. The project encompassed additions of essential features like dedicated entry lobby and car porch as well as creation of recreational spaces like yards and terrace while optimizing area through demolition of redundant areas. […]


The renovation of ‘Chaitram’ residence was an extensive project aimed at upgrading the existing 4 bedroom residence into a more spacious and aesthetically appealing living space with added utility and feature areas. Initially, the 2 floor residence layout had a living hall, dining hall, dual kitchen and 4 attached bedrooms along with a servant’s room. […]